A place to SHOP


A place to SHOP is an Video Engage format design to make people shop your products. This format is generally the best options for advertisers who want to focus on selling their products. The format combines a brand building (or informercial) video with your product offers or special deal. PlayAd Studios will help out to customise and build your digital SHOP.

A place to SHOP

Technical specifications

Compatibility: Mobile only

Targeting options: Run of network (standard), demographics, custom, geo-targeting

Third part tracking: Yes

Price model: CPM (Cost per Mille)

Programmatic: No

Available features: HD Video (15s is our rekommendation), sound on/off, branded overlay, interactive product gallery (slide-show below the video).

Assets needed for the digital production

• Video (16:9 / MP4)
• Logotype (.ai or .png)
• Font
• Product images (.png or .jpg) + product info
• Click URLs / 3-party tracking pixels