Engage is our premium video in-banner product developed to increase video views and create engagement. These ad formats offers endless creative possibilities and allows the audience to interact and spend more time with the brand.



Technical specifications

First impression is a 5 sec mute video loop with a branded graphic layer. Interaction by hover or click on widescreen will start full length video with an optional basic or interactive HTML5 overlay. Hover or click on expander will expand the campaign area on the site with a html5 micro site with almost endless possibilities, where the main content are video/videos and interactive elements.

Compatibility: Desktop & Mobile

Targeting options: Run of network (standard), demographics, vertical, custom, geo-targeting

Third part tracking: Yes

Price model: CPE (Cost per Engagement) on desktop and CPM (Cost per Mille) on mobile.

Programmatic: No

Available features: Video loop, in-screen counter, count down to play, branded overlay, HD video (full length), full screen, social share.


• Video loop (16:9 / MP4)
• Branded png overlay (720×405 px)
• Full length video (16:9 / MP4)
• PNG overlay (720×405 px)
• 3-party tracking pixels

• Video loop (16:9 / MP4)
• Branded png overlay (720×405 px)
• Responsive micro site in HTML5 with full length video(s) and interactions.
• 3-party tracking pixels

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