Maximize reach of your video ad in a brand safe environment on all devices.

Pay only for a COMPLETED VIEW (5-15 sec video) IN-SCREEN* !

* When at least 51% of the video ad is viewable in the browser window, the video ad is “in-screen”. The video will be stopped/paused if less than 51% is in-screen.


Technical specification

An maximum 15 sec video that start playing when at least 51% of the ad is in screen. The sound turns on/off manually.

 Cross screen

Targeting options: Run of network (standard), demographics, vertical, custom, geo-targeting

Third part tracking: Yes

Price model: CPCV (Cost Per Completed View)

Programmatic: Yes

Available features: IAB VAST 3.0, 15 sec video, in-screen counter, sound on/off


• 5-15 sec video (16:9 / MP4)
• Third part tracking pixels

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