PlayAd becomes first independent network to join a TV media currency

I November, PlayAd (in Sweden) will join their national TV media currency MMS, making them unique not just in Sweden, but in the world. This puts the same spotlight on video content from local dailies and magazines as on that of old school broadcasters.

As one of the leading TV media currencies worldwide, MMS – which measures the moving image in Sweden – has taken several steps over the past few years to ensure that they will stay relevant in the digital era.

– It’s a big thing for the entire business that MMS will now include so much of the viewing on local news sites and big magazines. Moreover, we’re making history as PlayAd is the first video network to join a national TV media currency, says Magnus Anshelm, CEO, MMS.

Having onboarded the two major tabloids and local giants Aftonbladet and Expressen, this marks perhaps an even bigger leap. PlayAd’s presence includes most of the countries leading local media houses such as NTM, Gota, NWT, Skånska Dagbladet and Mitt i, as well as magazine dittos Aller and Egmont, to name a few.

– This means we can finally offer the market the packages we’ve been wanting to do for years! Together with MMS we can show why local publishers should be a natural part of the media mix for anyone wishing to build reach on the Swedish market, says Mats Ståhl, CEO, PlayAd Sweden.

Dagens Media