A digital showroom for traveling destinations

This is the story of how we made people spend over 1 minute (in avrage) with the Apollo brand and four of their selected traveling destinations. The result was a ROI of no less than 1100%.

Apollo were looking for a new arena to show off their video ads and to deepen their communication around four current destinations; Albania, Croatia, Greece for Family and Greece for adults. They wanted to get people more engaged and to boost their traveling sales. Scream Media Agency, which is Apollo’s strategic Media Agency, therefore chose to collaborate with PlayAd Media Group, which was assigned to come up with an engaging online video campaign that would make people in Sweden interested in the four selected destinations, and also make people spend as much time as possible with their brand.

The key performance indicators for this campaign were to make the user SPEND TIME with the campaign and to BOOST SALES relating to the four current destinations. Another challenge was to increase the brand visibility for Apollo.

Creative solution

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The creative solution was to create a digital showroom for Apollo’s selected destinations in the engage expander video ad format. The first impression of the campaign (video-loop with logo and a CTA message) was divided between the four destinations, with a invitation to engage with the destination that were displayed. When people engage with the campaign it was expanded over the site. All of the four destinations were presented with inspiring videos combined with selected traveling offers. In the same view, the user could also could jump between the four destinations. In other words, we created a digital showroom for Apollo and their traveling offers, where the user could spend time with the inspiring videos and look deeper into different travel options with selected hotels.

The campaign was also made in two version. In version A the hotels were presented with real-time prices. And in the B version only with info. It was also made with a responsive design for all devices (mobile, tablets and desktop).

The Result

The first video impression had an engagement rate of 7.6% (measured on in-screen impressions according to the IAB standard). The users who engaged with the campaign spent an average of 1 minute and 12 seconds with the Apollo brand, the selected destinations and the traveling offers. Furthermore, a click rate of 2.2% was measured inside the expanding campaign, and Apollo could really see a significant increase of traffic at the four destinations on their own page.

In the end Apollo could enjoy a ROI of no less than 1100% based on booked travels. Compared with other digital campaign activities for Apollo, over the same campaign period with similar placement, PlayAd delivered in average a 10 times higher conversion result.

Advertiser: Apollo  .  Media agency: Scream  .  Concept & Digital production: PlayAd Studios  .  Campaign period: Jan/Feb 2018  .  Ad format: Engage Expander