During march of 2019, BMW released their all new 3-series. There were no shortage of material, but the majority was produced for print and social media. In an attempt to reach a relevant target audience on online channels, PlayAd Media Group was involved. The challenge was the amount of information that BMW wanted to convey. Technical specifications, texts, videos and galleries full of photos to name a few.
The goal was to aim the format towards a relevant and affluent target audience who are familiar with BMW and their products. But most importantly, who possess a genuine interest in their products. BMW wanted the users to spend time with the material and familiarize themselves with the new model.

Creative solution

PlayAd decided to create an “Expander” for BMW. This Expander featured the main video of the campaign, technological advances, information about the new models, a trip down memory lane which featured all the previous 3-series models and several photos, video and plenty more… PlayAd wanted to create a virtual showroom which embraced the BMW brand. A place where users got to know the new models and the different technical advanced that has been made since the old model. A place which shows the new model in all possible angles. A place where people could see the new model in action. Simply put: a place where people wanted to stay and spend time with the brand and the new BMW 3-series.

The campaign was made in 4 different languages and versions, running in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


Almost 7% of all viewable impressions turned in to an engagement (click-to-play), and the average session (time spent) in the virtual showroom (the expanding micro-site) was no less than 86 seconds!