Returpack is responsible for the Swedish deposit systems for metal cans and recyclable PET bottles for ready to drink beverages. Pantamera is the brand they use in all of their marketing communication. Pantamera uses a recurring communication concept in which the organization allows a Swedish artist or band to do their own rendition of a Pantamera theme song. In 2019, it was time for Rolandz. The face of Rolandz is the talented and beloved comedian and actor Robert Gustavsson. The genre of their music can best be described as a Swedish version of country music. The biggest challenge for Pantamera was to find a way to reach a wide target audience outside the larger cities in Sweden, and to get people on the countryside engaged. Pantamera wanted people to spend time and interact with the brand, listen to the song and to find a way to allow users to voice their opinion.

Creative solution

With the goals and challenges in mind, PlayAd decided to create a combination of two different formats: one Instream and one Outstream. More specifically, one pre-roll and one Expander. Since the main goal was to get people to spend time with the brand, PlayAd contacted a company named Flarie. This company creates simple and oddly addictive branded mobile games for different clients. PlayAd and Flarie created the game and implemented it into the Expander. The purpose of the game was to collect as many recyclables as possible. This game was accompanied by the full music video of Rolandz new song (that the user also could add to their Spotify playlist), a like/dislike function, a new Pantamera/Rolandz game and several behind the scenes videos from the recording of the music video. PlayAd wanted users to see the video and listen to the song, but most importantly, voice their opinions and interact with the Pantamera brand. The idea was to create a digital world which inherited the essence of Rolandz and Pantamera.