Everything you need to know about A place to Shop

Our latest ad format has taken the world by storm. It’s an ad format where people can easily
explore and purchase products and services while they browse through their favorite sites.

Hi Sampsa Suomalainen, sales director in Finland, why would you say it’s a great format?
We have a great selection of interactive products for branding campaigns, but we wanted to
create a format that would generate more conversion to advertiser’s site.

What advertisers have used it?
Just to name a few with variety Rusta, Viaplay, Lumene, Volgswagen, Lego and Stadium

What has been the response?
The results have been fantastic. Our advertisers are really happy that they have a new way of
engaging with their audiences in local media environments.

Why would you say working with this type of format is the future?
I think overall online video has just scratched the surface. We are going to see a lot more creative
video solutions and campaigns in the editorial space and content moving forward. There’s so
many spices to add to the soup before we are ready. Compared to traditional medias that use
video (fe. linear tv) the creative possibilities in online video are endless. That´s why we are always
talking about future of advertising when we launch new formats.

Want to talk more about A place to Shop? Drop Sampsa Suomalainen a line.