A place to SHOP

A Mobile Ad format in 3 different sizes (1:1, 4:5 and 9:16), design to make people shop your products. This format is generally the best options for advertisers who want to focus on selling their products.

Type: Video Engage
Dimension/ratio: 1:1, 4:5, 9:16
Currency: CPM

Required material for production:

Video material
• 16:9 video (.mp4, 1920×1080)
• Length: max 15 seconds

Deals / Products
• Max 4 isolated product images (png)
If needed there is possible to add more deals / products by using an arrow (or other icon) as a loader. • Product information (text document)

Graphic material
• Advertisers logo (.ai, .eps or .png)
• Font (.ttf or .otf)
• Isolated product images (.png or .eps)
• Graphic guidelines if accessible

Tracking options (third party)
• Impression tracker (1x1px)
• Viewable impression tracker (1x1px)
• Completed viewable impression tracker (1x1px)
• Click URLs for video, products and general CTA in the bottom

PlayAd Studios will help out to make your video better.