Pre-roll is an Instream format which runs in web TV environments and together with other editorial content on PlayAds syndicated web TV platform called YouPlay. PlayAds Pre-roll format can be equipped with an interactive graphical layer which could contain a logo, message or CTA-button.

Type: Instream / Pre roll (YouPlay network / cross screen)
Dimension/ratio: 16:9
Currency: CPM

This format is purchased ini CPM (Cost Per Mille, which is the cost per 1000 views) & CPCV (Cost per Completed View, the cost of buying one view with 100% completion rate).

Completed View is measured according to the IAB standard, when at least 50% of the video is visible for 2 seconds or more.

Required material:

Video material
• Video 16:9 (.mp4, 1920x1080px)Recommended length: 10-20 seconds

Aditional material for digital production and tracking:

Graphic material (overlay, CTA, logo etc.)
• Advertisers logo (.ai, .eps or .png)
• Font (.ttf or .otf)
• Graphic guidelines if accessible

Tracking options (third party)
• 1x1px Impression tracker
• 1x1px In-screen tracker
• 1x1px click/engagement tracker
• Click URL