Programmatic instream

Instream Programmatic refers to placements on different publisher websites within PlayAds network. These placements are shown in connection to other editorial video content on the websites. These placements are bought programmatically. PlayAds video storage is connected with all DSP’s that manages online video.

Type: Instream / Pre roll (YouPlay network / cross screen)
Dimension/ratio: 16:9
Currency: CPM

Programmatic Guaranteed
• Fixed CPM and guaranteed impressions.
• Targeting is set by PlayAd.
• Targeting possibilities: Url, contextual, geo and device.
• Capping is set by PlayAd

• Compete above open auctions and private auction deals.

Private Auction
• Competes in the open auction

Video material
• Video: 16:9 (.mp4, 1920x1080px)
• Length: 10-20 and 6 seconds

Programmatic outstream

Outstream Programmatic is an in-article format for videos up to 15 seconds. The video will only play once at least 50% of the video is in-screen for at least 2 seconds and will stop playing when 50% of the video goes off screen. The format is equipped with a mute button and follows the IAB standards. Please observer that this format does not allow any additional graphical elements.

Type: Outstream video (cross screen)
Dimension/ratio: 16:9, 9:16
Currency: CPM

Video material
• Video: 16:9 (.mp4, 1920x1080px) or 9:16 (.mp4, 1080×1920)
• Length: 5-15 seconds