How to create a video strategy that actually works

Learn why several Nordic media houses chose YouPlay as their video platform. In this free webinar our video experts together with external guests is going over:

  • Why video is so important for a publishing house in 2021
  • How and why being a part of a Nordic network of publishers really can improve your video business
  • Great user cases from leading media houses
  • What is YouPlay and how does our video platform work?
  • Why we chose to be a part of the European sales network Union
  • Benefits of setting a video strategy with both your own and syndicated content

Meet our speakers:

Niklas Malmborg, Head of Product YouPlay
Marc Schäfer, Director Business Development PlayAd Media Group
Nina Fossli Eliasson, Head of YouPlay Norway
Steven Filler, Union Media
Peter Sigfridsson, Head of product development at Gota Media
Jens Pettersson, Chief Digital Reader Revenue Officer at NTM

Look at the webinar: