“It’s so easy for anyone to live stream”

The website Klubbtv.nu is a new video platform where you can find all the professional golf competitions from Sweden including MoreGolf Mastercard Tour and Nordic Golf Tour. So far this year more than twenty golf competitions have been live streamed on Klubbtv.nu — all of them of course produced with the help of YouPlays live stream feature.

Joel Ek from the production company StoryPlay is the producer behind most of the live streams.

— To be able to use your smartphone to live stream makes everything very easy and it means that literally anyone can do it. It’s really nice that you don’t need anything else other than your smartphone. We have also used a stabilization tool called Gimbal and an external microphone. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to run around and do these broadcasts with a big tv-camera on the golf course, says Joel Ek.

During the summer Klubbtv.nu has been exposed to challenges when golf competitions have been delayed due to weather disturbances and playoffs, some broadcasts have turned out to be over six hours long. 

— The biggest challenge at these times have been how to charge the cell phone and our Gimbal, we haven’t had any electricity with us out on the golf course. But with the help of a power bank it has been possible to charge all the tools while broadcasting.That’s how we’ve made sure that we didn’t run out of batteries before the competition ended. 

What’s your best advice for other publishers who want to try live streaming from a sports event?

— The key thing is to have a talented commentator that knows the subject by heart and has a way to engage the audience, that is regardless if it’s a golf tournament or a floorball game. It’s sometimes hard when it comes to golf for the audience to see where the golf ball actually lands, but with the commentators’ help the audience will get it. You could almost say that our live streams have become something in between a tv and a radio show. 

Find upcoming live streams here.