VK Media has chosen YouPlay as their live platform

PlayAd by ShowHeroes Group are grateful that VK Media have chosen YouPlay’s premium live service for
their broadcasting needs, joining other local media houses such as Norrköpings Tidningars
Media, Gota Media, and more. We hope that features such as built-in syndication, pay per view,
revenue sharing, and on-demand advertisements will help make local sports broadcasting more
open and sustainable.

YouPlay — a digital video platform for content creators and publishers, has offered live streaming
since 2015 as an integrated external service. As interest grew in live streaming, PlayAd Media
Group invested in bringing the live streaming solution in-house at the end of 2017, with the aim to
make the experience of live broadcasts and the entire eco-system around viewership smoother.

Based on the success of thousands of broadcasts, a premium version launched in 2019 to handle
the growing needs of broadcasters, and to provide one solution to monetizing live streaming.
YouPlay premium live continues to reach new levels of broadcasting and viewer engagement.
YouPlay continues to offer a free version to publishers within the network to help get started
within live streaming.

  • Syndicate your live streams to publishers you want, curate broadcasts using advanced
    searches as playlists, and share ad-revenue.
  • A flexible built-in payment system, create content packages or sell per broadcast. Payments,
    tax, and payouts handled for you with optional revenue sharing with other publishers.
  • Scheduled and on-demand recording and time synced adverts, live extracts during broadcasts
    for highlights, and much more.

We look to continue our investment in live streaming for local publishers, media houses, and
sports broadcasters – and provide a complete digital video solution within a sustainable

Do you have question about our video platform YouPlay? Drop us a line!